Review Of ' Diaries ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

1884 Words Dec 7th, 2016 8 Pages
People write for all sorts of reasons. They write to show their emotions in diaries; or regularly blog on a page they 've created saying after every one, from anonymous because they are scared to give out their own identities because of a troubling past. Also a common way of writing is poetry. My senior year English teacher Ms. Sutton told me something that actually made sense to me. Ms. Sutton said, “Poetry is the easiest way to your soul, and poetry can tell your life story just with a couple of words.” Ever since that day I’ve gained more of an interest in poetry.
Before I start talking about Ms. Sutton’s class, I want to pinpoint a very special memory that keeps haunting me. My grandmother was nicknamed “Minnie”, like Minnie Mouse. She got into a horrible car accident right next to my high school back in 2010. My “Minnie” was driving on the 6th Avenue frontage road next to the Mattress Firm and got blinded by the sun setting behind the mountains, and went head on into the embankment in the parking lot because she missed the curvy turns ahead of her. My brother Devon was a sophomore at the time of the event and got a call from my mother telling him the news of what just happened right across the street from where he was going to school. My brother was in a full out panic and wanted to be by her side so my mother picked him up so he could go see her so he could say goodbye to her because by the time he got to Saint Anthony 's Hospital she was put on life support so Devon…

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