The Importance Of Poetry In Dead Poets Society

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Language in a human’s life is an essential tool to communicate. Language is created by connecting different words together. In the Poetry, poet compressed the different words in a beautiful manner to transfer his or her ideas or emotions to the reader or listener. Poetry is same as language but it is describe in a different way to make the words more charming. Poetry is an important part in every human beings life, it can let us think more creatively and emotionally. Most often poets use their poetry to convey their message to the audience in a unique way to illustrate their words of poetry to the reader. In quote # 2 as Mr. Keating tell his students: “We don 't read and write poetry because it 's cute. We read and write poetry because we …show more content…
In the film Dead Poets Society directed by Peter Weir an important scene where Mr. Keating leaps up onto his desk and asks the students “Why do I stand up here? Anybody?” Charlie said “To feel better” Mr. Keating said “No! I stand upon my desk to remind yourself that we must constantly look at things in a different way”. This scene is important because Mr. Keating thinks that if we see the world from different angle then individuals will able to create something new like poetry. In today’s society I think poetic language is important because it lets the individual knows the insight of their life. Poetry helps reader to understand the reality of the world because in today’s world many of the poets used their poetry to convey the reality of the world. Poetry is like a big ocean and when individual reads the poetry he or she dives into it extremely deep, so they can understand the reality. After they dive into the poetry reader understands the reality and sees the world in a realistic way. As a reader, poetry helps to create an image in their mind and pulls individuals into it which let them see the world differently and boost their feelings when they are sad or stressed about anything. When individuals read the poetry they see the world in a different way because they are thinking on their own. As in the film Dead Poets Society Mr. …show more content…
According to the “Why people need poetry” film, poetry isn’t one thing that serves one purpose. I agree Poetry doesn’t serve one thing but it serves multiple things such as feelings, love, beauty or freedom etc. Poetry is something which is different to everyone. It has the same words but it fits to every person differently. Poetry is something which is all regarding to “passion”. The main pillar of poetry is feelings, romance, love and beauty which individuals are living for. In Jarret Keene book Monster Fashion his poem “Heart, You’re a Hospital Now” describes how the patient feels when the patient is in the hospital. The author of this poem Keene who used the meaningful words to express the feelings such as:
Nothing is worse than a dying patient,
Except the surgeon, who gives your life lease,
Cuts you open, removes a sick piece,
Stitches you up and grows impatient. (Keene

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