Review : New World New Mind Essay

1789 Words May 16th, 2016 8 Pages
As humans we are only on this planet a short period of time. Everyone always jokes and says that no one will make it out alive. Humans are also single handedly ruining not only the oasis we inhabit but each other and our chances of survival. The most important thing in the news is if Kylie Jenner got a new piercing. The biggest change in humans happened after World War II. Now, when the world needs it the most, humans have seemed to of lost the capability to look past what is right in front of them. There is a new modern era that needs to be adapted to and it is just not happening. The environmental issues are getting worse but humans act like no matter how bad it gets, it’ll be okay. The book, New World New Mind, goes in depth with the idea of evolution. The authors said, “We are writing this book in an effort to help decision makers, educators, physicians, businessmen, and concerned citizens to change their “minds”—not in the convention sense, but rather to change the way they make decisions” (Ornstein and Ehrlich 3). These two authors wrote the book to inform the people of things that they may have never heard of. Issues like population exploding aren’t in the news for anyone to read. The issues that scientist prediction would happen in the next 6.9 trillion years are now global issues that are here today. Humans are destroying out civilization in a matter of hours now. In Africa for example a healthy family will have as many kids as they can, they’ll farm till the soil…

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