Revenge Is A Violent And Aggressive Life? Essay

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Revenge Lies Within All of Us Why does a psychopath decide to lead a violent and aggressive life? While a child is growing up, the behavior of the parent has great influence on the behavior of the child. If a parent treats their child with love, care, and respect, chances are that the child will grow up to live a nice, healthy lifestyle. On the contrary, if the parents of a child are abusive and constantly giving corporal punishments, the child might develop behavior problems and will have trouble controlling their emotions. These problems can continue into the child 's adult life and will affect their ability to think clearly. Many parents in the world use corporal punishment on their children. Children are often physically harmed by being hit, pushed, or paddled. “Corporal punishment refers to the intentional application of physical pain as a method of behavior change.” (Greydanus 1) The parents believe that it is the right way to correct poor or unacceptable behavior. “The practice persists because some educators and parents believe it helps modify disruptive behavior despite no conclusion evidence that it actually does. Some students are hit for severe infractions of school rules, and others for minor ones, like being tardy.” (Strauss 1) In fact, not only does corporal punishment not work, but it may also increase a child’s chance of being more aggressive. Children learn and mimic the behavior that they observe in adults. This may lead the child to develop a sense of…

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