Retail And Digital Adidas Case Study

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Retail and Digital: Adidas
With the increase of the usage digital technology in everyday life, the effect on the retail environment should be examined. For starters, it is clear that technology does not only play a significant role for the customers but also for the business process and strategy within a company themselves. In terms of the customers, digital has opened the doors for new ways to shop and the experience at individual stores. For example, showrooming has increased substantially over the last decade according to the article, Perceived Customer Showrooming Behavior and the Effect on Retail Salespersons. The idea behind this latest trend, is customers use comparison shopping and multiple channels to make a purchase. One way in
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To add to this, there are many instances in where customers purchase online and ship the items to the store to pick them up. This multi-channel usage with the adoption of digital technology creates new challenges for the retailers. One such challenge is distribution strategy and supply chain management. Further, retailers have to provide a unique and efficient retail experience when customers enter the store as retention is less costly than finding new customers. Some of the ways in which they are doing so is implementing technologically advanced supply chain systems. Further, they are looking at redesigning stores such as interactive fitting rooms. These adaptations and changes from both the consumers and retailers' perspectives are needed and should be further implemented. Considering the reliance and usage of technology and the benefits that follow, companies will continue to implement it …show more content…
Recently, Adidas has made use of social media platforms specifically Instagram and Twitter. The content has been marketed towards the younger generation with the use of celebrities in both the sporting industry as well as other pop culture icons such as Snoop Dogg and Kayne West. Further, Adidas has made strong pushes for collaborations with other clothing brands as well as some of their celebrity endorsements which allows for unique and limited attire that consumers are looking for in their fashion trends. Adidas also looks to fuse channels together by creating interactive giveaways for consumers on social media platforms. For example, they implemented a 24-hour Instagram story that allowed custmers to enter a giveaway for a paid of custom Ultra Boost. The increased use of these digital platforms has allowed Adidas to attract more people into both their stores and online, thus a critical reason for their increase in sales in North America

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