Restructuring of Swift & Hr Implmt Plan Essay

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Restructuring of SWIFT & HR implmt Topic: 1. A restructuring of SWIFT, with maximum 7 staff reporting to Thanh. Include the activities that are now being executed by Thanh, but which are invisible in the chart. 2. An HR implementation plan, including HR Planning for 1-3 years, recruitment, career planning, performance management, HR policy and compensation.

I. SWIFT RESTRUCTURING PLAN 1. Analysis of SWIFT operations. SWIFT is a small and medium enterprise with the organization has more than 200 employees, including function departments and factory. SWIFT is still working well. They have a chance to dominate and expand their market share. But with the specialization is not high, lack of planning consultant position,
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SWIFT is applying repeated a creative message in advertising campaigns in both arrays customers are distributors, stores and consumers can retain the loyalty partners but not impressive enough to attract new customers looking to aggressively so that the development of market share will slow or difficult to expand. Currently, the company has three main departments of Marketing and Sales, Production, Accounting and Personnel. CEO is reported directly from the 22 people in such departments. Thus, it is possible that there will be more people in the same department will report directly to the CEO about the same matter of a similar nature that done by many people. For example: 6 sales manager will report on the sales of each person in each period. This leads to restrictions as CEO will want to have a quick overview of the reported statistics. In fact, this process will achieve the most effective by a Sale Director gathered the results and report back to the CEO once in term of the week, month, quarter and year (similar with the same reports of 15 Team managers in the production section). Besides, accounting section and Personel section are in the same department also occurred problems such as the lack of specialization. Therefore, in order to reduce pressure for CEO,

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