Junior House Officer Essay

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Junior House Officer, Department of Surgery 8/2014-11/2014
Undertook a resident Pre-Registration appointment in the department of surgery where I was attached to Gastrohepatic Surgery ward for 2 months. However, the other 1 month was spend on specialised wards; Paediatric Surgery, Neuro Surgery and Ophthalmology and the Emergency ward. My responsibilities included; attending to all patients that contacted the facility and make the appropriate management and investigation plan. Attend to the emergency department and participate in the diagnosed and management of these patients. Provide accurate information to patients about their Disease condition. Perform some of the emergency procedures like chest tube insertion. In addition, participate in
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I was to rotate on this ward for about 3 months; however, on a roster basis, we took the week off to rotate on another cover another ward. I personal, I covered the Nutritional ward, the Emergency ward and the Neonatal special care ward and the Endocrine and Diabetes clinic and the TB clinic. My responsibilities were: Attend to all patients that were admitted to the ward and make appropriate and logical management toward the patients ' outcome. Write in clinical reports about patients that seem not to improve and were the consultants ' intervention is necessary. In addition, present the patient to the consultant during major ward rounds. Also participated in clinical data collection about the outcomes using Epic Info. The monthly reports were produced following analysis by this software. Participated in professional continuous medical education and lead and a CME on Electrolyte imbalance in the child. I appointed to follow up children with electrolyte imbalance on ward 11 and was later asked to contribute to the ward protocol for the management of Electrolyte imbalance in

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