Responsibility For Environmental Sustainability Practices Essay

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Social Performance
Corporate social responsibility is the the obligation of an entity for their actions to align with the interest of their stakeholders, the environment and society in general (Birt 2014). Qantas has eight key business principles and group policies in order to maintain a socially responsible business. These policies have been board approved and are non-negotiable. They are presented in a mandatory training program to ensure they are understood and reliably implemented by all Qantas staff. These principles guide business decisions and include:
• Prioritizing safety
• Complying with regulations and laws
• Treating people with respect
• Acting with integrity and honesty in order to uphold ethical standards
• A commitment to financial reporting that is fair and truthful
• Responsibility for environmental sustainability practices
• A commitment to protect the Qantas reputation, assets and information
• Active risk management. Qantas (2015)
Ethics, transparency and governance
Social responsibility is considered fundamental to the sustainability and growth of Qantas and vital to protecting the brand and operations via comprehensive governance and policies. Governance is the ability of an organisation to manage resources in an effective and conscientious way. It involves recognising the responsibility for managers and corporate boards to emphasize the interest of all stakeholders (Birt 2014) The Qantas board is made up of an executive director and a team of…

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