Responsibility Between High School And College

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When your walking across the stage to receive your diploma in hand you have no idea of what college is all about. Of course you have heard many of your older friends who have previously graduated state that " college is harder than you think" or even " I love college you have so much freedom". It 's always two sides of a storyline but between high school and college there is a definite fine line between the two. In high school your life is basically planned out from the starting bell to the end of the day bell. Teachers will make sure you having a passing grade and will do all they can to help you get there even to the point of extra credit in high school. Within college your grades are your responsibility to maintain along with time management …show more content…
In college you will now have to balance your responsibilities and set priorities within your new lifestyle of a college student. You will face chaste and conscientious decisions than you have ever came to terms with before. In correlation to decisions you now have to decipher between which classes to take with your advisor or in some schools on your own as to in high school your schedule is prepared for you on your schools open house event or on the first day of school. Also with your schedule in highschool you spend five days out of the week proceeding from one class to another which brings you up to about six hours each day and that is equal to thirty hours a week. Rather than in college you oftentimes have hourly breaks between classes which equals up to be 12 to 16 hours of class …show more content…
In college the goals you set will need to be followed by to make sure you succeed. Grades will not be given for all assignments, the grades you do receive will be for papers as well as projects which will hold a significant amount of weight. A substantial part of your grade depends on your first tests or else known as your "Wake-up Call Tests". Many students either fall behind with a bad first grade or decide to drop the course if the test average continues to fall massively. In high school a simple homework grade can bring up your overall course grade when your test grades are low. Almost everything that is assigned will be given a grade. A teacher will also assign extra credit projects at the end of the year to give you an extra boost that you need to finish out your grade point average. It is initially called effort in highschool many courses are scrupulous to award good honest effort . Therefore in college good faith efforts are good to have but your results count in a superiority. Although a professors alacrity to help you succeed in that course will have good results but will not impact your final

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