Responsibilities And Standards Of Forest & Grassland Supervisor And Leadership Team Members ( Fglt )

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Forest & Grassland Supervisor and Leadership Team Members (FGLT)

Members are responsible for safety throughout the Forest & Grasslands and implementation of the Forest & Grasslands Safety program on their respective units. They shall provide leadership, direction, and enforcement of the safety program. The Forest and Grassland Supervisor and leadership team shall provide support and leadership in accident investigations, safety meetings, inspections, and safety training for all employees. The FGLT is responsible for the administration of the safety award program.

Leadership Team members are also responsible for establishing and updating Unit Safety Plans and existing Job Hazard Analysis (JHA’s) at the beginning of each fiscal year. The Forest and Grasslands Safety Manager shall receive updated copies on or before March 1st. Safety plans and JHA’s are required for all high exposure special projects and events (i.e., Hudson-Meng digs, PIT projects, Black footed ferret reintroduction, trail rides, Pine Ridge Enduro, and all other organized events).

Employees in Direct Supervision of Others

It is the supervisors’ responsibility to incorporate safety into work projects and duties. Supervisors are responsible for implementing the Unit 's Safety Plan and for correcting accident producing situations.

A. These individuals are:

1. Employees designated by the District Ranger as work or crew leaders.
2. Nursery personnel whose…

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