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The veterinary profession is challenging and exciting to begin with, but the niche of wildlife medicine is even more so. It is a highly competitive field with additional training and accreditation needed to compete for a limited number of positions (Learning Path, 2015). To those passionate about the field, these challenges are mitigated by the rewards of a diverse, dynamic, and incredibly hands-on job. One of the wildlife veterinarian employers in Western Canada is the Calgary Zoological Society, commonly called the Calgary Zoo, which participates in a variety of conservation work in Alberta (Calgary Zoological Society, 2015 a).
Wildlife Veterinarians
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Because less is known about undomesticated species, wildlife veterinarians should be comfortable conducting or interpreting research and must often fall back on one of the key traits of good veterinarians, trusting their gut (Oglesby, 2014). Wildlife medicine is a very competitive field, and those pursuing it should be prepared to travel across the country or around the world for a limited number of residencies and job opportunities (learning Path, …show more content…
Competition for acceptance to the DVM program at universities in Canada is tough, with 78 of 395 applicants being accepted to the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 2015 (University of Saskatchewan, n.d.). To practice with wildlife where there are limited positions and low turnover, often requires post-graduate work, residencies, and specifically American College of Zoological Medicine Accreditation (Learning Path, 2015).
Licensing and Self-Regulation In Alberta, veterinarians are a self-regulated profession and must be licensed by a self-governing body, the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association. The association also inspects practices and deals with complaints from the public to ensure a high level of care is maintained and the welfare of patients is prioritized (Alberta Veterinary Medical Association, n.d. b).
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