Resilience Of A Child 's Development Essay

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Children are resilient and can adapt to change. Resiliency of a child is truly amazing to witness. Resiliency is the ability to bounce back from setbacks and overcome hardships. According to Trawick-Smith (2006), resilience is “a descriptor for children who are able to cope and develop in positive directions in spite of terrible circumstances in their lives.” (p.351). Unfortunately, for some children they face adversity early on in life and are at risk of vulnerability. A strong characteristic a child can show of resiliency is overcoming pain or fear. Trawick-Smith (2006), said that “many children are able to cope in spite of such atrocities while many, however, do o not survive intact.” (p.351). A child’s development is challenged daily through family stressors, school, friends, self-worth and competence and with their young impressionable minds, they can bounce back from any adversity. Trawick-Smith (2006), also defined resilience as “ a psychological state in which children and families possess enough positive life circumstances or emotional resources to cope with, and offset, risk factors in their lives.” (p.494). Resilience is significant to children and adults because it represents the capability to deal with life’s challenges in a positive and productive way. Resilience is a key fundamental role in a child’s recovery after experience to trauma or adversity. Without resilience it will be impossible to understand a child’s reaction to trauma or…

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