Resident 's Actions And His Behavior Essay

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Introduction: As a response to the case study, I will analyze resident’s actions and his behavior. I will provide my reflections, as well as my recommendations, and describe what I would do differently to provide better patient care.
The case study involves the IV therapist, the patient in a coma and the resident along with his team of junior residents, medical students, and nurses. Going through it, I felt that the IV therapist was very respectful, and considerate. Even when the chief resident showed his superiority over him, the therapist obeyed his instructions instead of responding to his confrontation. The therapist used some special communication skills to avoid the conflict. He also employed assertive means of communication which, according to the book, is “stating our opinion in an open, honest and direct manner with full respect and consideration to others”. (Makely, ppg 88).
The IV therapist knocked on the door upon entering the patient’s room and introduced herself. A research group at John Hopkins Medicine, after implementing the practice of introducing the surgeon, anesthesiologist, nurses and other professionals by name before going over the details of the operation, has concluded that it invited patients to questions and concerns and directed to complex aspects of providing care. After introduction follows asking the open-ended questions to the patient, listening to their full stories and asking about the cause of their ailments.
According to the…

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