Essay On Advance Punishment Exam

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Advance Punishment Exam
(An analysis of the advanced placement english literature exam)
Why should anyone care what’s on the AP exam? Well, unfortunately a bunch of high and mighty universities love to use test scores to value human beings, but can you really blame them they have a lot of worthless individuals to look through. It’s much easier to just categorize people by their score on an exam of which they approve. For the most part, it’s important to know what’s on the AP exam if you plan on attending a university and would like a reduction in the cost of college because knowing how the test is structured will likely increase your score.
What is the AP exam though? Advanced Placement exams oriented towards testing students that display increased
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These three essays comprise the free response section and are worth fiftyfive percent of the composite one to five score. It’s considered the more difficult of the two because of the nature of the open ended question.
When it comes to how I’ll prepare for the exam, the simple answer is I don’t plan to. The
AP English Literature Exam has little merit in my intended field and a high score would only serve to put a little golden star on my ego. In reality, I don’t plan on or care if I receive college english credit hours or not because sometimes you do things just for kicks. Even if that entails displaying some masochistic behavioral tendencies by taking an AP version of a class given by a teacher notorious for giving large sums of homework. But, hey I doubt I’ll remember doing hours of homework compared to the great lectures over western cultures’ greatest works.
The AP exam is designed to be difficult and it certainly is, assuming you actually attempt to score well… It’s broken into two parts primarily, the multiple choice and the free response.
The multiple choice is weighted at fortyfive percent takes one hour and the free response

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