Personal Narrative: How Hardwork Changed My Life

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After a long summer of anticipation, in the early morning of a July 10, 1994, I was born. Being raised by a single mother, I learned in my early years that hard work is the only way to survive. My mother put a strong sense of drive into my mind as young as possible and after moving from city to city,for the first years of life time would tell that it would be a journey. Now I would say I had a standard childhood; lots of toys, big family, and good memories for a lifetime. In the early years everything was enjoyable, I don’t think you notice when you’re younger how hard someone is working to make your life seem normal. With two jobs for income and a full time mom job, my mother was perfect at making my life seem carefree for me.

We moved
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After another torturous year of living and working more than anything else, I had a ne found respect for my education, gone was the apprehension of failure and the clouded judgement of mental illness and here to stand was the joy of embarking on my educational journey and round of revamped independence. With the winter months drawing farther away I applied to the Great Bethune-Cookman University, still somewhat hesitant to revive my undergraduate years, but with an essay on second chances and prayers from my family, I had hope.
Weeks of anticipation would pay off and on the first week of May, I was accepted. And now I am here to make a change to prove my independence and achieve all I can with a great education system on my back.
During my life, independence and failure have been at the forefront of my motivational process, but together they have pushed me to make a better version of my past self and complete the story of a new found life I am ready to

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