Reserve Training Coordinator For The Coast Guard Investigative Service

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Reserve Training Coordinator for the Coast Guard Investigative Service The Coast Guard Investigative Service (CGIS) lacks an effective method of managing training opportunities across the service for the reserve force. It would be beneficial to establish a reserve training coordinator at each Resident Agent Office or field office for the purpose of ensuring uniform distribution of training opportunities with the goal of creating greater competency across the service. CGIS has a saying which states that “Every reservist is their own career manager”. This saying is not viewed positively by most reservists because without the proper knowledge, training and guidance it is a failed philosophy. Reservists are unique in that they come to CGIS with a wealth of experience which is much sought after and desired by the hiring supervisors. Unlike most Coast Guard rates, the Investigator rating for CGIS is a reserve only rate and very unique in its requirements for training to include the fact the reservists must be full time law enforcement officers with a minimum of three years’ experience. In traditional rates, the member is trained through A Schools and specialized C Schools. CGIS reservists, on the other hand, come to the service with training, experience and law enforcement contacts - a benefit which greatly complements the liaison mission of CGIS. Furthermore, in most cases reservists are utilized to provide field training to new active duty agents, and it is…

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