Essay about Research Study Based On The Hospital

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6. Alternative and Resolution I think that the hospital could benefit from this research study based on my observational analysis with few recommendation as follow:
 Perform a staff assessment to evaluate their knowledge
 Discuss with the patient/family members, make them aware about the hospital policy/ procedure and assist with instructions on how to fill a form.
 Nurses are to read and document every patient belongings from the time they get admitted through ED department, during their stay period, transfer and discharge home or other facilities.
 New, agency, float and staff nurses are to be informed regularly in monthly meetings/ reports and train on properly documentation of the patient personal items upon admission, transfers between the units and discharge.
 All patient personal belonging including equipment should be label with their name on it for easy identification.
 Strengthen the policy where nurses will review patient admission/discharge list with the patient in the presence of a family members or any other witness followed by a waiver release with a signature on it.
 Provide housekeeping staff with training on how to search for patient lost items or forgotten in the room by checking appropriately between the sheets/pillows, under the bed, drawers, bathrooms and report them to the charge nurse.
 The patient advocate relation should follow up and interview the patient after the discharge at home through a phone call to survey the patient…

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