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BUS3004 Research Worksheet (Template)


The worksheet’s purpose is to guide the steps for efficient Capella Library and Internet searches to find and paraphrase reliable, credible resources relevant to your research paper topic. This worksheet will lead you through the steps by doing Part A for Unit 3 and Part B for Unit 4.

Your efficient, effective research will assure a solid, strong drafted paper for Unit 5. By completing this worksheet, you will have at least six paragraphs done for your draft! NOTES: You need to complete all of this Research Worksheet before drafting your paper. Substandard draft papers submitted without a completed research worksheet cannot earn a grade.

Enjoy researching, paraphrasing, and citing
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Also note that capitalization may or may not be perfect, but that is insignificant at this time in your degree program.


Ongori, H., & Shunda, J.P.W. (2008). Managing behind the scenes: Employee empowerment. The International Journal of Applied Economics and Finance, 2(2), 84 – 94 (ISSN: 1991-0886).

Grabowski, D.C.(2009). Special needs plans and the coordination of benefits and services for dual eligible. Journal of Health Affairs,Vol 28 (pg 136-146.)

Calvasina, E., Calvasina, G., and Calvasina, R.(2007): Preventing employee identity fraud: Policy and practice issues for employeres. Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues. Cullowhee: 2007. Vol. 10, Iss. 2; p. 69 (12 pages).

[Paste your citation here]

Explain the resource’s reliability (for criteria and evaluation ideas, refer to Unit 3 studies).

The International Journal of Applied Economics and Finance is a peer-reviewed journal. The article had numerous references to validate its facts from experts. These references were extensive from leaders in the field and based on research. Therefore, its reliability is high.

[Write your explanation of reliability here -- NOTE: do not copy and paste another author’s words here]

Paraphrase your source’s ideas; refer to the Paraphrasing tutorial in Unit 3 studies):

Example sentences describing and paraphrasing the main points:

Employee empowerment is becoming

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