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Riverview Hospital Laboratory Services

Proposal to: Mayor and Chief Medical Office

Proposal Title: Nursing Care Center

By: White Coat Syndrome Megan Lentner/Physical Therapy Director; Dana Lachance/IT Director; Tiffany Winder/Laboratory Director
August 10, 2012

Please accept this proposal for the new Riverview Hospital Nursing Care Center. Key healthcare directors have contributed to this plan. Each director’s perspective is shared as related to his/her department. The following pages of this proposal contain their ideas and touch on the following considerations for the planning of this new facility:
1. The specific department services provided
2. How nursing care center services
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A fellowship for the department will be advantageous for multiple reasons; this additional staff member will assist in alleviating the work load of incumbent staff members. An educated individual that is given the opportunity to work within the organization as well as the department will be an added asset for future employment purposes. At the time of completion of the fellowship, an offer of employment will be given to the fellow. Investing in a fellowship now will be an asset in the form of a dedicated employee future for the organization. A proposal will be taken to the next alumni association for the above proposed fellowship requests.

Training and education programs. As is known, the medical industry is changing in ever increasing ways. To maintain licensure, laboratory employees are required to obtain Continuing Medical Education on a yearly basis. There is a growing demand for distance or on-line education, particularly in professional CME. The institutional expertise at local Riverview University in the form of early adaptation of digital media in pathology education in the classroom, and the opportunity to apply innovative e-learning strategies such as Second Life, provide a basis for us to compete successfully in this education market (Boston University, 2009). A pilot program will be instituted to allow department staff members to work on these state requirements while “on the clock” at a rate of five hours per pay period. This will assist employees

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