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Part 3: Final Paper: Gender characteristics of different cultures impact specific community structures such as life at home, the work environment, and everyday activities
Graham Jones
Ms. Lookadoo
Communication 1113

In recent research, it has been found that the roles of men and women are controversial. The controversy has risen because men and women have different norms, and these norms are present in many every day situations. Men and women are supposed to be view as equals in society, but many people refuse to inhale this idea. Women and men are equals, but there are some obvious differences in their characteristics that allow people to think otherwise. In communication, the gender characteristics of
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This is a valid argument, but this is not the only thing going on in households that can be affected by gender characteristics. There are many different outcomes in life depending on whether the male or female is the head, or main leader, under each roof. For example, research states, households headed by females are found to be larger than households headed by men (Dungumoro, 2008). This claims that basically when women are leading the family there tends to be more births or children. This is accurate because women are usually the ones taking care of all the children, while the male is at work. The woman of the family tends to grow a stronger connection with the child at a younger age because of this. Also, more children to take care of might cause the family to not be as loose with their money as they would like to be. Research also indicates, households headed by females are typically not as rich as households headed by men (Dungumoro, 2008). This is not true in all cases, but it does make sense when you take into account that women typically want more children than men, and with more children comes more responsibility and more bills to pay. Gender characteristics in the household environment can be very stereotypical, but it is easy to see how the genders vary in different ways. There are multiple situations where new characteristics can appear and cause the

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