Research Paper

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Final Research Paper:
Edith Cooley
WRIT320-Business Communication
Professor Susan Silcott
March 6, 2015

Purchasing managers, buyers, and purchasing or procurement agents must make certain that the supplier can deliver the desired parts or services on time, in the correct quantities, and without sacrificing quality. Once they have gathered information on the best suppliers, they begin the process of signing contracts with these suppliers who meet the business needs, and they place orders with these strategic business partners. Larger companies like UPS tend to use a wide range of materials. This allows for a greater chance that price and service arrangements can be influenced considerably based on the companies purchasing
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In order to transform from clerical position to well respected Purchasing or Procurement Agents, advanced education is required. Reliability and the safety is at an all-time high, where purchasing is concerned. As long as the airline industry remains focused on improving its purchasing of quality aircraft parts and maintenance, they could avoid the anticipation of more airplane disasters. The airline industry has strong bottom-line impact on the procurement strategic process.
Getting the Right Parts, At the Right Price, At the Right Time
When parts that are being purchased are mostly standard and readily available, most companies utilize the bidding process to purchase their parts. This end process ends by sending the purchase order to the lowest bidder. This could also be considered a strategic approach to supply assurance. This type of strategy can range from sourcing to better positioning of inventory. Other examples can include but not be limited to OEM parts, supplier managed parts, and working closely with finance. There are a lot of key processes that must be maintained, and cost and maintenance are key components. You cannot perform maintenance if you do not have the right parts to do the job (Trebilcock, B, 2014). Purchasing aircraft parts is something that is done on a daily basis, so having an approved supplier list to purchase from is one way to avoid being a victim of

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