Research Methodology Means A Search To Gain Knowledge

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Research Methodology

Definition of Research:
Actually research means a search to gain knowledge. "Research" is utilized to depict various comparable and frequently covering exercises including a quest for data. “A detailed study of a subject, especially in order to discover new information or reach new understanding”
(Cambridge dictionary)
Definition of Research Methodology
Research Methodology is an approach to discover the result for the mentioned objectives of the examination. It is a less demanding technique through which the outcome for a given issue can be exposed. Simply, methodology refers to the method of solving any research issue.
Research strategy is a systematic approach to solve an issue. It is an art of studying over how
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People may refuse by written questionnaires because of misuse the data. o After considering all of the advantages and disadvantages mentioned above, it can be reasoned that advantages of utilizing questionnaire surpass the demerits of questionnaire in research. Hence, the researcher has selected questionnaire as method of data collection.

Sampling Method
In questionnaire method, the researcher chose quota sampling method of data collection to make sure that sample is representing the population. Quota sampling method is a purposive method. “Quota sampling is useful when the overall proportions of particular groups in the population are known” (Walsh, 2001, p.46)
Reasons to choose quota sampling Samples were selected based on following criteria:
• For Questionnaire, to investigating the viability of VirtueNic recruitment consultancy in Christchurch the researcher has taken 100 people. It includes 50 students and 50 employers/owners of companies both male and female equivalent which are between 16 to 60 years and who lives in Centre City Christchurch.
• The test was fundamentally chosen taking into account, students from various fields such as, IT, engineering, banking, auto-mobile, construction and other companies’ employers in center city
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At to begin with the researcher met with the respondents personally and distributed the questionnaires to expand the reaction rate. They distributed questionnaire with the returned envelope to the target interviewees. At that point, interviewees took the surveys at home, rounded out and sent it back as indicated by the specified location composed on the envelope. Then again, to minimize low reaction rate, whatever remains the questionnaires was conveyed through email and those email addresses were gathered from the outlined interviewees at the time of initially meeting with

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