Importance Of Knowledge On Methodology

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Knowledge about methodology: helping students act like practicing professionals
General Knowledge:
Methodology 1: Think like a scientist through analysis of data
Analysis of data through various means (chemical analysis, imagery, location). Scientists use various skills in analyzing data depending upon the area being studied. They look at the data from different angles, qualitative and quantitative, historical data and compare to colleagues in other countries where research is also being completed. An example of this that students could complete is:
Analyzing data through pictures (qualitative analysis)
Through using space and ground satellites from all over the world, analyzing them using data, and pictures, the researcher can determine
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For example, in Astronomy scientists took Copernicus’ model to explain the heliocentric model that everything revolves around the Sun. There are also models of what our universe looks like due to the pictures that have come back from the Hubble Telescope. People can then use various models to test their theories of other aspects of science and/or astronomy specifically.
Domain Specific:
Methodology 1: Think like a NASA Engineer and how they would develop space exploration probes. In Astronomy the information is now shared among colleagues (international and domestic) and NASA engineers have to look at all different aspects of the technology, the purpose of the mission, the engineering aspect, as well as the cost in order to develop new materials for NASA. Activity: The Space Shuttle Program was only supposed to last 20 years from 1981 to 2001. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, the NASA program was unable to create the replacement for the shuttle which was officially retired in 20011. Your mission is to create a new shuttle program. You must include the following information to be classified as a “NASA space engineer” o What is the purpose of your new explorer? (What is it going to explore, gather
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If so, how do you account for the difference in space time? o Create a model of your space explorer? o Create a budget for the creation and upkeep of this explorer. o Why is this explorer needed? o Will this explorer be able to be repaired if needed and how?
Methodology 2: Discover objects in outer space through the use of telescopes, ground based satellites, orbiting satellites, and historical data analysis. Using various methods (qualitative data analysis as well as quantitative) scientists explore outer space to discover various objects above and within the Earth’s atmosphere. There are many different means as to why the object is there by discovering objects that surround it and then also looking at its characteristics. Activity: Students will read Accounting for Anomaly ( and answer the questions that are within the text. This will enable students to understand how one planet was discovered by using various astronomical tools. The students will then also connect this to basic science principles through the use of the astronomical field.
Methodology 3: Analyze samples that were brought back from different probes through spectroscopy, the science of analyzing chemical structure through the reflected

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