Research Design and Methodology for Business Decision Essay

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What is Research Design?
Research design can be thought of as the structure of research – it is the "glue" that holds all of the elements in a research project together. There are many definitions of design, but no single definition imparts the full range of important aspects.



Company wants to know that quality of product is under control limits or not and they want to detect assignable causes of variation and to remove those because the following reason. . They face the difficulty in the consistency in the quality. Company keeps the eye on the ISO-9001 certification implementation, so they want to check the quality assurance. They are facing the
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Attempting to make a process whose natural center is not the same as the target perform to target specification increases process variability and increases costs significantly and is the cause of much inefficiency in operations. Process capability studies do examine the relationship between the natural process limits (the control limits) and specifications, however. The purpose of control charts is to allow simple detection of events that are indicative of actual process change. This simple decision can be difficult where the process characteristic is continuously varying; the control chart provides statistically objective criteria of change. When change is detected and considered good its cause should be identified and possibly become the new way of working, where the change is bad then its cause should be identified and eliminated. The purpose in adding warning limits or subdividing the control chart into zones is to provide early notification if something is amiss. Instead of immediately launching a process improvement effort to determine whether special causes are present, the Quality Engineer may temporarily increase the rate at which samples are taken from the process output until it's clear that the process is truly in control. Note that with three sigma limits, one expects to be signaled approximately once out of every 370 points on average, just due to common-causes.





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