Essay Research And Development Of M & M Rotational Flavor Project

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The Research and Development (R&D) department will need to conduct a production trial run to test the new flavor and production processes. The output of this trail run will be used by R&D in the consumer testing phase of the project. This process must take place before the product goes into full production. In the event R&D identifies issues related to production adjustments can be made. The quality management processes are designed to ensure the end product meets expectations.
Human Resource Management
In planning for the M&M® Rotational Flavor Project it was determined that additional human resources would be required to meet the needs of the project (Appendix D). The HR department was responsible to acquiring these individuals. They met with management to determine the skill sets required for the project’s success and initiated the recruitment and selection process. Once the project team was in place subsequent training and team development ensued.
Communication Management
The communications plan of the M&M® Rotational Flavor project is illustrative of what to do to ensure information is transmitted in a timely manner. All the planning was done leading to a well-defined Charter and carried through to the managing and controlling phases of this knowledge area. From weekly planning meetings, status updates via the project tracker system, which was accessible to all stakeholders proved effective. Through controlling communications the project manager was able to…

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