Charlemagne And Fulcher Of Chartres

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Res Publica Christiana: The Latin phrase for the Christianity during the middle ages, combining the ideas of public affairs and Christianity, the meaning of Christendom. Through the word Res Publica Christiana we get an excellent insight of the Christian world during the middle ages. After the Roman Empire collapse the only things left was the catholic church which took much control over the different counties and towns throughout the year. Two of the major figures who took over religions and governmental power were Charlemagne, called the holy emperor of Rome, and Fulcher of Chartres. These two figures played a huge part in world history as well as religious history and really shaped the middle ages Christianity altogether. Over the many years that both Charlemagne and Fulcher of Chartres reigned Christianity turned more into a government then a religion causing the people to lose the real meaning of Christianity. To start off with, Charlemagne, emperor of the franks and Lombard and the new Rome, controlled all the religious and government power of his nation, raising and lowering different popes and bishops and using his military powers to convert people. Charlemagne was a very spiritual man and had good intentions but his power got the better of him. He added government and the church together which was not what …show more content…
He used Christianity to motivate people to come to his cause but what they did was ungodly. They were go from city to city attacking people and destroying the towns while saying that they were doing it for a godly cause which was untrue. They would then set up monasteries and other religious building but although they thought they were doing good they were not in the will of the Lord. Here is an example of where Fulcher the Chartres united military and government with Christianity but as a result the Christianity changed into something for the

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