Reproductive Health And The Medical Field Essays

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Reproductive health relates physical, mental, and social wellness to the functions and processes of the reproductive system. It emphasizes the rights and freedoms to reproduce safely and follows both men and women through all stages of life. However, the topic of reproductive health is heavily debated in both politics and the medical field. Among the most controversial reproductive health topics is the use of contraception, more specifically the morality surrounding the topic. Personally, I find the use of contraception morally appropriate because contraception allows for responsible family planning, prevents sexually transmitted infects, and helps avoid unintended pregnancies.

Family planning is the idea of planning for children when and if you are ready, preventing conception until the time is right. According to Midwifery and Women’s Health, “Many women have at least one pregnancy in their lives, and about half of all pregnancies are not planned. Planning ahead can help you avoid getting pregnant when you don’t want to be, and to be in good health if and when you do decide to become pregnant. Family planning leads to healthier pregnancies, moms, and babies.” Additionally, the use of contraceptives is often the most effective way to ensure a successful family plan. Some may argue that contraceptives are unnatural and harmful to the body, but when compared to natural forms of family planning contraceptives prove much more effective. On average 25 percent of women…

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