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Jane Austen was born on the 16th of December 1775 and is today a big name in English literature. She finished writing her novel “Pride and Prejudice” when she was 21, the same age as the main protagonist, Elizabeth Bennet. The story revolves around her and her struggles towards marriage. However, though she is a fictional character, several hints can lead us to believe that Elizabeth might be a close representation of Jane Austen and that she was inspired by her personal life, personality and environment.
Firstly, Jane Austen lived during the 18th century and she set her stories in the same time period. During this century, not many options were given to women: they had to marry well to ensure that they would live a comfortable life. If they
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She was very fond of her elder sister, Cassandra, who was her confidante. In 1783, Cassandra was sent to boarding school and Jane demanded to go with her, refusing to be separated from her. Even if we do not know much more about these two, we can assume that the way Jane portrayed the relationship between Elizabeth Bennet and Jane Bennet might have been inspired by her relationship with her own sister. Such a strong bond between siblings that can’t be shared with anyone else, was described by Jane Austen as something coming close to an ideal marriage. Moreover, she spent her entire life really close to her family and their support was important in her development as a writer. Elizabeth is the second of five children and also shares a very close relationship with her elder sister Jane. Despite their different personality, nature and temperament, they are loyal to each other and have few secrets for each other. They even decide to live in the same neighbourhood after they both get married, so that they can still often see each other. Elizabeth is also very close to her father, who consider her as his favourite, as she is very smart and sensible and they share a passion for reading. Moreover, even though she is sometimes ashamed by the behaviour of her mother and little sisters, she really does care about them. That is why, when her sister Lydia went away with Mr. Wickham, without telling anyone, Elizabeth was sick worried about what could happen to

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