How Is Elizabeth Proctor Accused In The Crucible

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In Arthur Miller’s play, The Crucible, set in a Puritan town in Salem Massachusetts, is a play where many men and women are accused of associating themselves with the devil. Those accused had two choices: admit their relationship with the devil or hang. These innocent people are killed because of a few teenage girls telling lies. The girls felt respected and listened to for the first time, which fueled their accusations and chaos in Salem. The leader is Abigail Williams, who is a manipulator and bully. She had an inappropriate relationship with a married man, John Proctor and wants him to herself. She sees an opportunity with the power she has ganged with her lies, and decides to go after John’s wife, Elizabeth Proctor. Abigail uses her devious ways to separate Elizabeth and John, and accuses Elizabeth of having a relationship with the devil. This accusation changes Elizabeth from a suspicious wife, then later showing her faithfulness, forgivingness, and compassion for her husband, John. Elizabeth’a suspicion arises when she hears of her husband seeing Abigail in Salem. Elizabeth is concerned when she hears this because she knows of their past relationship, and is frightful it could occur …show more content…
After John realizes that Elizabeth has discovered the truth, they seem to both force their marriage with each other. Then later on Abigail, the girl John has an affair with, uses her manipulative ways and tries to get Elizabeth out of the picture by getting her arrested. Elizabeth in jail for a while ends up getting called into the court. She gets questioned about her husbands affair and lies to the court because of her loyalty to her husband. She believes in doing so that she is saving her husband. Millers choice to make Elizabeth a dynamic character reveals to the audience that a bunch of little girls who conjures lies, ends up changing many peoples

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