Explain Why John Proctor Is To Blame For The Crucible

After reading the classic play “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller is a story that happens through a time when religion and beliefs were very important to those who lived in this time . Miller focuses on the finding of seven young girls and a slave who were trying to conjure for spirits of the dead in the the woods. Durning the 1950s Miller wrote this play that is partially fictionized by the witchcraft in Salem. Through the time of the trial there were many inconsistencies that caused this trial to be prolonged, many characters were to blame for this . John Proctor is one of the characters who its to blame for the long duration of the witch trail. Proctor has too much pride, he prioritizes his reputation over his integrity. He didn’t want to …show more content…
His pride takes over him towards the end of the play take over him. His self-pride makes him loathe; he knows that he has sinned and is unworthy, and can’t find his way out of it. He then become aggressive and defensive and almost signs the confession that is a lie. He feels like a real liar and not a good man. Evident of his pride taking over him would be during scene four when he refuses to hand over the false confession by screaming out “ Because it is my name! Because i can not have another!” (133). This proves that his pride in his name and refusal to blacken his name with a lie is a complete shock compared to his previous actions with Abigail which is the reason to why his name is currently bad. Proctor would rather giveaway his life and die with pride. In conclusion, John Proctor is to blame for the witch trials because he wasn’t able to confess what he has done during the witch trails, his tragic flaw took over him and he prioritized his reputation over his integrity. Throughout the play he shows how his name and pride is the most important. He would rather risk his life and confess in something that is a lie just to save his

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