Report on Important of Ethical Decision Making for the Company

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Report on Important of Ethical Decision Making for the company

As it was in the past, to do business ethically today is very important to guarantee success. Do the right thing and not expose the company into bad situations or possible lawsuits where the reputation and corporate image can be affected.
Make a business with the only goal of bringing money and forgetting the importance of ethical principles has demonstrated that it only brings negative results.
Why is important to have an ethical decision making in our company? Because like every other business , we are exposed to multiple situations in different levels of the organization with multiples dilemmas that need a resolution where all interest are met and all the possible
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Core Values: We need to identify and express our values. Those values represent and strengthen the importance of our beliefs in our organization.

Information and Resources: Is very important to provide guidance of additional resources available in case an employee has any questions or would like more information. A department representative or HR recording hotline can receive all questions and concerns.

In the case of TOYS “R” US, they have designated specific people call them OMBUDSPERSONS
(Toys “R” Us Inc. 2010. Code of Ethics, Toys “R” US, Inc., p.2).to supervises, modify and communicate everything about the code of ethics. Toys “R” Us has an outside ethics hotline.


Toys “R” US Inc. (2010). Code of Ethics TOYS “R” US, INC AND SUBSIDIARIES. Retrieved from

From: Donald TrumpDivision ManagerToy International Inc. | To: Daniel SmithCEO Toy International Inc. | Subject: | Ravi Dowlory Constructive discharge – Religion discrimination | Message | After a thorough research in the Ravi Dowlory Constructive discharge case I found the following:Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and amendment in 1974 and 1991 states: All employees are protected by the law and companies cannot do any kind of discrimination such individual’s race, sex, color, national

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