Renewable Energy : Non Renewable Resources Essay

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2 Non-renewable resources
There are several problems with the more popular choices for harnessing energy [non-renewable energy]. This section will discuss the concerns that need to be taken into consideration when deciding whether or not to use solar energy as an alternative solution to fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum, natural gas and nuclear energy for our energy consumption.

2.1 Impact on resources
Many non-renewable resources are being extracted to the point of exhaustion without any consideration to the fact that these fossil fuels may not restore themselves in this century or at all. Coal, which is thought to be the most widely available resource, is estimated to last no longer than 50 years (Morse, 2013). This could have a tremendous impact on the economy as well as the way of living so many people are used to. The use of solar energy would make a huge difference to the rate of depletion of these resources. Having more solar panels means we can be less reliant on other resources and possibly even leave them untouched long enough for them to begin their own healing process and restore themselves before they are gone forever.

2.2 Impact on environment
Many of the ways in which fossil fuels are extracted and used have adverse effects towards the environment. Acquiring petroleum can cause oil spills into the ocean which can cause significant damage to the environment and even our ecosystem. There are no quick and effective solutions to reverse oil…

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