Renewable Energy : Alternative Energy Source Essay

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In the modern world most everything runs on fossil fuel, but there is one major flaw in fossil fuels. New methods are needed to generate power; we need an alternative energy source so that we do not run out of fuel. We need alternative energy for many reasons mainly because we are running out of fuel but also because we are polluting this world, alternative energy can produce “clean” energy that will provide a new power source without polluting this world. In this article I will talk about these and other problems with our current power generation methods: Fossil Fuels.
Alternative Energy, a big word that could mean so many things, Alternative Energy is by dictionary definition: energy, as solar, wind, or nuclear energy, that can replace or supplement traditional fossil-fuel sources, as coal, oil, and natural gas. When people refer to alternative energy that are usually referring to a “Clean” energy source, one that does not pollute the planet as well as providing a new and reliable energy source, this is what I will be referring to as well. So what is the big problem? Can’t we just make more gas? Is it really such a big deal? Well here is the problem, yes technically we can make more, but the method of doing so will take thousands of years because we do not have the ability to speed up the natural process of creating these resources. So what do we do? Just run out of fuel and start living like cave men again? No, the most ethical solution is to find another power source.…

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