Essay about Remember The Titans By Boaz Yakin

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Remember the Titans, directed by Boaz Yakin, is a film set in Alexandria, Virginia. At this time, 1971, the first high school was undergoing integration and neither race, black or white, was pleased. Remember the Titans is about the fight and the journey it takes to be successful, not just as a football team, but as people as well. The team struggled for two main reasons; having to play with people of different skin color, and having a new coach who wants them to accomplish nothing less than perfection. Even with the circumstances, the T.C. Williams High School Titans prospered as a football team on and off the field.
To start the film, the director shows that the whites and blacks do not get along with each other; that both sides have grown up with their parents giving them preconceived ideas. This shows that many people back then did not know why they hated the opposite race, they just went along with it.
Solid leadership is a key factor in the team 's triumph, not only from the coaches, but from the players of the team as well. The ones that stood out as leaders all worked hard to motivate the players to get along and play as a team. Coach Boone, the new African American head coach, pressed for the team to give it their all, to do as well as they possibly could, and to not strive for anything beneath perfection. Coach Yoast, the former head coach and now assistant coach, would encourage the players and did not believe winning was the highest priority, as long as they…

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