Religious Stereotypes And Muslim Violence Essay

1429 Words Apr 18th, 2016 6 Pages
Terrorist, judgmental, cheap, devil worshiper, violent, uncivil, homophobic, bagel lover, and nerdy. These are a few religion related stereotypes that people hear every day. In today’s society, some people believe that this is not a prevalent problem, and that it does not affect anyone. However, the use of religious stereotypes, subject people to discrimination, which violates people’s human rights.
Religious stereotypes leads a fear of one particular religion. Islam, is a prime example. This is caused by the “underpinnings of anti-Muslim violence [which] are the invocation of negative images and stereotypes associated with Muslims” (Perry 74). In the media, reporters tend to only portray the negative activities that people who are “Muslims” do, causing the population to form a type of Islamophobia — fear of Islam— which causes Muslims to be alienated from society. Because of this horrible media portrayal, Muslims are perceived to be angry, mean, suicide bombing terrorists. And as of 2011, “55% of Muslims felt that it had become more difficult for them to live in the United States since 9/11 because of the way Muslims were perceived by Americans.” ("Islamophobia”) And these Islamophobic people don’t just make sure to stay away from Muslims, they believe that Muslims should be out of the United States. With this type of thinking, thousands of anti- Muslim organizations have been created to keep Muslims out. These organizations, have given people an excuse to attack thousands…

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