Religion Throughout British Literature Essay

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With all the books read in class this year, there has been some type of influence on the way each story was written. From Beowulf to Paradise Lost, there have been many, mostly religious, persuasions in the style and approach to writing of the novel. These influences, whether they're religious or cultural or psychological, have a deep impact on the story and are reflective of a literary time period. The differences in each story show the changes in the culture, religion, or the way people thought. The purpose of the sequential order of the stories is to show how man has changed his ways, how he has failed and how he has redeemed himself.
The first piece of literature to be analyzed is Beowulf, which was written in approximately the late
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One knight in particular, Sir Gawain, is the "preeminent knight and represents young Arthur's court, and its reputation rest on Sir Gawain's shoulders" (Abrams 156). While all the knights are sitting around this table, a Green Knight enters asking all of the knights in the court if they would like to play a game. The game consists of the knight, who accepts the challenge of the supernatural Green Knight, to take one swing at the Green Knight's head with an axe. But he must agree to come to the green chapel one year later. The only one willing to accept this challenge at first is King Arthur. But bravely, Sir Gawain takes his place. This motion demonstrates the Christian values of courage and loyalty. He was the only knight willing to stand up to the Green Knight. He also exhibits chivalry. After a year has passed, Gawain begins his journey to find the green chapel. He stays true to the agreement, revealing bravery and honor. He then arrives at a castle in which a lord welcomes him to stay for several days, as is needed. The next morning, the lord makes an agreement to share everything while hunting and any other possession obtained he gets during these three days with Gawain, but Gawain must agree to do the same. During the first two days, the lord's wife tries to seduce Gawain, but he resists only allowing her to give him a few kisses. This shows that he is loyal to the hospitable lord. After the first two days, Gawain shares what he got with the lord

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