Misconception Of Osama Bin Laden's Five Pillars Of Islam

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The West appears to have a misconception of Islamic law surround the concept of holy war or jihad to conflict owing to the extended flawed appropriation by Osama bin Laden on Islamic belief to justify his group’s terrorist exploits against unbelievers.
Violence is also, paradoxically, advocated in the Qur’an and Old Testament or Hebrew Scriptures, and yet the two latter’s’ passages on combat and conduct of war are overlooked unlike its former religious succession.
Jihad (to strive or struggle) is actually the unofficial sixth part for the Five Pillars of Islam or duties to God which is meant to be taken as the dilemma to comprehend God’s will on this planet as nonviolent or violent in a frequently quoted Prophetic tradition.
Its community also has never officially sanctioned these violent measures as
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However, the media influencing viewers have overlooked how a majority of Muslims condemn such violent deeds committed under the name of their faith.
These appalling acts have gone on to be allusion towards Muhammed and early confidants’ associations with violence generating much misinterpretation on the religion in an indistinguishable manner.
The notion, from their perspective, is commonly referenced to the actions of extremist groups for their fear-provoking strategies. It will even stretch to ideological worldview wherein they have to reaffirm the lawful position of Islam in society necessitates moral self-discipline and other means like what they have done.
On the other hand, this is simply a misinterpretation of its multiple meanings which are to fight against an internal struggle and physical warfare in the path of God.
Western perceptions of Islam and its adherents is one of misjudgment from various biased or subjective informational outlets like their idea that the Qur’an encourages hostile extremism in recent

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