Religion Is Not A Religion Essay

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Religion for me is a belief in which people put faith in, and also way to worship God or gods. Depending on cultures and countries the religion practices are different. People all might have the same “God,” but not all people have the same way to worship. God is not a religion, the humans create the religion after Jesus Christ came to the earth, and since that happened religion became a lifestyle. A way of life with rules to follow according to on what is in the bible. The ten commandments are the guide to all Catholics and Christians, and they try to follow step by step to obtain salvation. They believe just like all the religions that they are the right religion because they even based their faith in events that happened in the past. Events in which Jesus is the main character.
R.T McCutheon writes about the natural of religious traditions is that “Religions begins with a mystery. Being human inevitably prompts deep questions about our existence. Where did we come from? Where are we going? Why are we here? For that matters, what is “here”?” (13). About this quote, we can see that is not just us at one point of our life that we have been questioning God, or ourselves with that kind of problems. Moreover, it is normal because we have been taught that there is a God, a Creator who has the power to do the impossible. The Curiosity to know more about these mysteries get people to be into religion, why? Until nowadays not everyone has the understanding and knowledge to explain…

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