Essay on Religion Is Not A Complete Fairy Tale?

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Bad Religion
Much of the world 's population, people from all walks of life, believe in some type of divine power or god. Most families have traditions and religious beliefs that were passed down generation to generation for centuries, making it very difficult to interpret the truth from fiction. From different perspectives religions appear to be more like a big business than faith, constantly collecting money from their followers in trade for a service. Religion can also act as the reasoning to start wars or to dehumanize and murder entire civilizations of people who have different beliefs or just live a different lifestyle from the majority. We must all view religion for what it is, just a story that should only be used as an outline to lead an honest life.
Think logically how can anyone be certain, without a doubt, that their religion is not a complete fairy tale? There are well over twenty different religions all claiming to be the true religion of the solitary, unique God that guards the gates to Paradise. In the sixth century B.C., Mesopotamia, one of the world 's oldest religious writings was used as advice to lead a decent life, not to live in fear of the afterlife. Those early religious texts were later revised and made suitable to be added to books that would fit the needs of countless other religions throughout the course of time. Tradition is very convincing, and it has fused communities to religion over the evolution of mankind. Religion is like the game…

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