How To Understand Customer Relationships

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Currently, ways to understand consumer behavior, market segmentation and defining policies and marketing strategies are constantly changing themselves. These changes are influenced by the economic systems, open markets, and especially how technology influences the way people work, interact and shop, resulting in an integration between consumers and businesses. Several tools are used by the organizations to keep their customers motivated by the brand. The relationship marketing is one of these tools, which seeks to create and maintain long-term relationships with its customers, being viewed as a strategic asset for the company, a trend for a modern marketing and successful relationships. (Webster, 1992; Morgan and Hunt, 1994). Of course it …show more content…
Through these communities, consumers can discuss ideas, products, or simply talk about your favourite brand with individuals who have the same feelings of possession, admiration and love towards this particular brand. These communities are founded with the objective of connect customers not only with each other but also connect the brand / company to the client, and thus have a more restricted compared with the same, not only benefiting the consumer, but also the tag. By buying this kind of relationships, the brand gets more easily view what are the real wants and needs of its …show more content…
Brand communities are extremely relevant to a subject if feel integrated, attracted and attached to a brand. This means that companies start have another type of strategy in relation to their brands, because through these communities is can grow love for the brand, as well as loyalty and trust, then being this highly relevant topic in the context of an investigation. According McWillian (2000) user groups are formed for the purpose of exchanging experiences, solve issues, talk about new technologies, and even "gossip" about the industry in which they are involved. These groups of virtual users can form spontaneously or at the initiative of the brand or company that unites / supports, and the spontaneously formed groups tend to have their origins in the brand enthusiasts. So the discussion about whether the virtual brand communities should be sponsored and managed by companies and consumers is one of the new topics of interest within the subject brand

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