Social Media Activities: Fadrizals Cakes

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3. Evaluation of the social media activities.
- Are the activities appropriate for the brand?
Fadrizals Cakes always update their new products and activities and party that they have done for their customers in social media. This is very good as their followers can receive the latest news about Fadrizals Cakes.
- Is there interaction between the brand and consumers and between consumers? Should there be more/less? Is it useful?
There is interaction between the brand and customers because Fadrizals Cakes will received the feedback from customers via whatsapp whether customers satisfy or not towards their products. Besides, Fadrizals Cakes listen to customers what they want and produce a customize cakes, cookies and also candy buffet for
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The class was conducted by the baker in Fadrizals Cakes to teach the foundation of baking, special design and patterns to the learners. The examples of classes been conducted are Give Box Cake Class, Wedding Cake, 3-Tier Cakes, Princess Castle and Channel Classic Handbag Cake. Then in 2015, the Fadrizals Cakes more focusing to promote their products and updates in Instagram.
In 2015, the design of cakes are even more attractive and amazing. The decorating and baking class is still held to attract more cake lovers. In addition, in 2015, there are lots of positive feedback about the cakes. As a result, Fadrizals Cakes is quite well known in social media.
- Provide a rough estimate of the resources needed to maintain the social media presence you currently observe.
We think that Fadrizals Cakes can watermark the cake pictures with business name, file name and brief info about the cake’s decorative before posted in the social media. For example, add the name of sailormoon, superman, pokemon, Ben 10, or Hello Kitty on the pictures. With this title, the search engines are able to properly index the photo so that when anyone searches online for “sailormoon cake,” then the cake of Fadrizals Cakes will be shown. is a free photo editing site that allows you to position text on a photo just like a

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