Relationship Between Reason And Emotion

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Emotion is very closely connected to art, as it is an important part of the human experience with which art is concerned. Art can be defined per the TOK definition which we use in class as an artist’s “deliberate” manipulation of materials to create something “accessible” which often relies on the “human experience-” which is usually associated with the experience of emotion. The common view of art as being purely based in emotion, however, is inaccurate. The phrase “deliberate manipulation” in our definition indicates the use of reason by the artist- he must use reason to manipulate his materials in order to communicate or create emotion in the viewer. Reason and emotion are deeply connected and interdependent in art. The statement in the prompt is therefore an oversimplification of the relationship. …show more content…
The relationship between reason and emotion in art is very complex. The statement in the prompt oversimplifies this relationship, assuming that reason is reliant on emotion. To understand the complexities of this relationship, it is necessary to consider the roles which the ways of knowing play in art and art-related knowledge. Firstly, the other ways of knowing cannot be discounted in this exploration of the ways of knowing in art. Sense perception is clearly important to all mediums of art- visual, auditory, or other mediums. Sense perception is the first way in which we access art. As we interpret the art using sense perception, we unconsciously and immediately use reason to interpret the meaning of

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