Relationship Between Primary Occupation And Secondary Occupation

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A time use study is a mechanism that allows individuals to analyze and allocate their time and activities. At the end of my time use study, I wanted to determine if I was occupationally balanced and then discover the activities I engage in most often. When a person is occupationally balanced, it does not mean that their time is divided equally amongst all occupations; instead, it is when a person is perceived to be under control. I consider myself occupationally balanced when I engage in contracted, necessary, and leisure occupations every day.
Throughout the study, I wanted to analyze the relationship amongst the variables of primary occupation, secondary occupation, habits of thought, stress, and focus. Before I conducted my time use study, I formulated five hypotheses that analyzed the variables in relation to one another. In the end, I choose three of the hypotheses to further analyze. The primary goal of my hypotheses was to discover the positive or negative correlations amongst the variables in relation with each other and with time.
After analyzing my time use study, I sorted my occupations into four categories. They are Necessary time, Contracted time, Committed time, and Free time. Appendix A Figure 1 displays the breakdown of time categories across the seventy-two hour time frame. As seen in Figure 1, necessary time takes up the largest portion of the seventy-two hours. Necessary time is defined as occupations that meet basic physiological and self-maintenance…

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