Relationship Between Physical Activity and Health Essay

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Relationships between Physical Activity & Health
1a.Critically discuss the statement: Physical Activity/Exercise = Health
Define the concepts of health, physical activity, and exercise.
"Physical activity," "exercise," and "physical fitness" are terms that describe different concepts. However, they are often confused with one another, and the terms are sometimes used to represent each other. When in actual fact they are different. Physical activity is defined by SPARC as “movement on a daily basis to sustain health”. It is a term used to cover a variety of categories which include play, games, work related activity, recreation, sport and exercise. Therefore exercise is “a subset of physical activity that is planned, structured, and
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This will increase the chances of you getting diseases like obesity and diabetes. Which relates to the WHO definition of health “…absence of illness” meaning you are no longer completely healthy.
Ultimately it can contribute to health but at the same time there is a risk that it can decrease your ability to be healthy.
What are the positives of being involved in physical activity?
There are many positives effects of participating in physical activity.
It improves mental functioning which allows you to feel more relaxed and confident about yourself as you are fit and strong and this reduces stress and depression. It also gives you the feeling that you’re “on a high“after you completed the physical activity and this raises your self esteem.
It has a major effect on social development as it gives people a sense of belonging and makes them feel valued or part of something. They learn to form bonds with people they wouldn’t normally associate with and this gets them involved in different cultures and they experience different aspects of life.
It vastly improves cardiovascular endurance making the body a more efficient machine. With it being able to recover quickly after hard work and go for long periods of time without feeling tired. It allows the body to perform to its full potential by having more energy to perform the tasks with minimal effort required. This reduces

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