Essay about Relationship Between Parents And Children

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Parents and children have a special connection together. Parent and child’s relationship is really important because that is what that puts the child in a well life. Parents and children have lots of misunderstandings between each other, but still at the end of the day they are together due to their special relationship. Children always do not listen to their parents, which is not surprising because this is something that happens between parents and children relationship. The most common reasons that children do not listen to their parents is because of trust, beliefs and knowledge.

Trust is one of the most important things in life because without trust you can’t get anywhere in life. At the end of the story her father started trusting her by saying “where ca we get more copies of this for relatives?” (Cisneros 137). This is how he shows his trust toward her doughtier. Trust is something that is low between the parent and the child. One of the reasons that the relationship between parents and children is weak because of a low level of trust so they tend to lie to one another. The child does not believe the parent and vice versa. For parents it is hard to believe their child because they think they can easily get in trouble that is why they do not trust
Megrabian 2 them; yet, for parents they sometimes lie to their child because its something that they can’t know so that makes the child to not trust the parent. Trust issues are getting in way of parent/child relationship…

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