Essay on Relationship Between My Boyfriend And Me

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As stated in the first paper written, I’m canalizing the relationship between my boyfriend and me. A little over three years ago I fell in love expectantly at the age of sixteen. I had no idea that we would end up having a future together. My life turned upside down in the best way possible and in the mean time I have learned many life lessons in between. We have had many obstacles but have managed to get through everything together. No relationship is perfect, everyone has moments where they truly struggle. Our biggest obstacle is communication. “Interpersonal communication is a dynamic form of communication between two (or more) people in which the messages exchanged significantly influence their thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and relationships” (McCornack, 2013). Our problem is we both have a hard time explaining how we feel about a situation. I tend to hold my emotions in and then it results in effecting my emotions and behaviors which tend to escalade. It’s a common struggle in relationships. Most of our arguments consists of serial arguments, “a series of unresolved disputes, all having to do with the same issue. Serial arguments typically stem from deep disagreements, such as differing relationship expectations or clashes in values and beliefs” (McCornack, 2013). Typically an argument will start off from something very small but it always ends up about something that has to do with deep disagreements we have. I think the scariest thing about serial argument is that…

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