Essay on Relationship Between Exceptional Parents And The Classroom

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The beginning of Chapter 3 lays out the three main factors that are associated with the relationship between exceptional parents and the classroom. These parents over the years have provided many beneficial changes because they would advocate for their children 's’ disabilities. Educators also seek parental involvement because studies show that a student’s grades tend to improve when the parents are actively involved with helping their student academically at home. The positive results that come from both statements above links to the judicial mandates that require parents to be informed and involved with their student’s education. The goal once again is to make sure these students have as much resources as possible to help them learn the curriculum. After the groundwork is explained, Chapter 3 decides to detail and discuss the intricacies of families with disabled students. In order for educators to properly make connections with the parents, they must understand how the families think and feel about certain aspects of their student’s disability. There is a fantastic chart in Chapter 3 that shows a resilience model towards a family’s strength when facing a child with a disability. These stages on this model can aid educators when deciding when the appropriate time to ask for some extra involvement if possible. The parents of exceptional children take on a number of stressful roles that impact their lives such as a caregiver, provider, teacher, counselor, and an advocate to…

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