Relationship Between Attachment And Substance Abuse Essay

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behavior they are creating this idea as a norm for their child. Thus, when the child becomes an adult they are then continuing to model this as a norm, consequently forming a cycle (Makariev & Shaver, 2010). This review highlights the relationship of attachment for both a child and a parent. Under these circumstances, parental incarceration can be seen as a time for a parent to receive help and break this cycle. Given, the prison they are incarcerated in provides intervention resources.
Like stated previously, there is debate about the impacts of attachment organization for children who are not able to have their mother’s within the crucial period. For mother’s who were incarcerated following the birth of their child, Borelli, Goshin, Joestl, Clark, and Byrne (2010), conducted a study to describe maternal attachment related to incarcerated mothers, assess association between attachment and substance abuse, and examine the longitudinal connection. They examined 69 women ranging from ages 18-45 years old, all who had completed the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI). They found the incarcerated mothers displayed lower attachment with their child as well as lower self-esteem and self-competency within their parenting. These issues developed over the course of time (Borelli et al., 2010). While this study contains limitations, in regards to self-report, this has a significant implication in examining adult attachment for future researchers.
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