Camp Diva Analysis

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Ms. Angela Patton’s work is heartfelt she saw a need and began to advocate for her girls in Camp Diva. One of Ms. Patton’s girl’s by the name of Joy stated during a meeting that she wishes her father would get off her back. Joy felt her father called all the time. Another little girl by the name of Jazmine replied you’re lucky because she had not heard from her father in years. Ms. Patton’s said that moment she knew the girls needed away to connect to their fathers. The Camp Diva gave the girls hope in a since it was a support group. Ms. Patton wanted to be sure the girls had a floor to express themselves.
As a twenty-seven-year-old woman who had distressed relationship with her father, I understand the importance’s of building a healthy relationship
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When a child’s father is incarcerated, the child is severely devastated. This is because incarcerated fathers have limited ways and time to give their children. Also limiting them to give their best parental care and advice whenever their children have problems or just want to spend time. Many fathers’ do not want to let their children suffer the loss of a paternal role or image especially on their foundational years which is why imprisoned fathers tend to look for the best ways to reach out to their children. When a father is incarcerated every encounter with their child should be memorable and unforgettable. These children will not have the same memories the children had when their fathers were not incarcerated.
Children with parents that are incarcerated and the disruption of family relationships could produce negative outcomes for children, including poverty, aggression, depression, poor academic performance and abandonment issues. Incarcerated parents are unable to work on parenting skills that may be necessary for reunification and separation interferes with the ability of parent and child to form or maintain a strong attachment. Ms. Patton has found away to to assist these girls with developing relationships with their
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The number of incarcerated parents are increasing everyday. Parental incarceration creates additional challenges for children and families often resulting in financial instability and or material hardships. The instability in family relationships and structure and residential mobility. The child’s behavior in school performance because a problem often times. The child deal with emotional trauma from being apart from their parent or parents. Patton took heard the needs of the girls in Camp Diva and made change. The dad daughter dance has changed the lives of any families. She was able to give the families the memories they needed to come forward as a

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