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Quantitative Research Article Critique
Sandra M. Smith
February, 26, 2012
Veta Massey

Quantitative Research Article Critique
Kalisch, B. J., & Lee, K. (2011). Nurse Staffing Levels and Teamwork: A Cross- Sectional Study of Patient Care Units in Acute Care Hospitals. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 43(1), 82-88.
The purpose of this study is to explore the current research data and use of the Nurse Teamwork Survey to see if nurse staffing levels predicts teamwork. The importance of teamwork is to achieve a higher level of patient safety, quality of care, job satisfaction, and decrease turnover. A cross-sectional descriptive design was used with a 2,545 nursing staff on 52 units delivering patient care,
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This survey was generated by the literature review and from focus groups with staff members. The staff members are dependent variables within the study, although the hospital size and CMI of the patients are independent variables. The survey was given to the staff with a time limit for responding. The response was anonymous.
Staffing data was also obtained by each hospitals database. The nurse staffing indicators included hours per patient day (HPPD), RN hours per patient day (RN HPPD), and skill mix (RN’s LPN’s, and NA’s providing direct patient care). The acuity of the patients was also a factor. The study did ensure comparable data among the four sites. This was done by using the raw data that was provided by the participating hospitals.
The appropriate statistical methods were used in this study and the research questions were also addressed with the groups surveyed.
Data collection
The study was conducted over a four- week period where data was collected from each facility. The data collection phase included two separate study phases. The first phase was the administration of the survey to the units and the collection of raw staffing data from the hospitals. The NTS was put in an envelope with a letter of explanation about the study. Incentive was given to each participate by the addition of a candy bar. The participation was made known to be voluntary. The subjects were to place the completed survey in a locked

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